Top 3 Domain Name Checker Tools

Choosing a domain name is the first thing after deciding to start an online website. A domain name gives identity to your online business or brand so its most important part because of your business name, website, and also some part of SEO depends on your domain name. It’s very easy to find domain name online by typing domain name checker tool in Search. But I want to share best tools that I use to choose domain names for myself and for my clients.


This is one of the best tools to find domain names because it’s very powerful tool give results instantly and show all domains along with usernames availability of Facebook, bloggerTwBlogger, WordPress, LinkedIn, Digg, Flicker and many others. So if you start your new brand then you can choose that domain name which has also available for all popular social sites. This is a great advantage of this tool.

Another advantage of this tool is that it show only that domain names as available which are actually available in normal price and not for sell on other sites. I am feeling confusing when searching for a domain name, some tools show that domain name is available but that was actually taken by anyone and available for sell in higher amounts. So I recommend you to use this tool as your first choice.

2. InstantDomainSearch.Com

As its name, you can find domain names instantly. It means no need to press enter key after write keywords. Just write keywords which you have in your mind for a domain name and it will show all the available and taken results instantly. Most of the time I use this tool too. But I prefer above tool because that have some extra features over it.

3. GoDaddy.Com

This third tool is very common, but I shared it because it is reliable. You can search your domain names here and also buy from them. A feature of this tool is that it gives a wide variety of domain names extensions like .mobi (for mobile sites) and regional domains. Also, It gives you suggestions according to your searched keywords. So it’s a good idea to use GoDaddy domain search tool for choosing your website/brand name.